Cranberry Tea


Cranberries are one of the most beloved berries worldwide, used to make juice, sauce, and tea. Our Cranberry Tea provides a tart and nutrient-dense cup of yum. Enjoy hot and cold, year-round.

In the Know

Native to marshes and bogs across the Northern Hemisphere, cranberries are among the most popular berries cultivated by man. For countless centuries, cranberries have been harvested as an important food source and a traditional treat. Although freshly harvested cranberries are hard and too sour to be eaten right away, after they have been sweetened, these berries become a favored ingredient in pastries, jam, desserts, and especially in cranberry sauce and cranberry juice. When dried and powdered, these berries also make a refreshingly tart and invigorating tea. Fans of the dynamic flavor of cranberry will undoubtedly be captivated by this invigorating tea.

A Tasty Tea and More

If you enjoy potent, flavorful teas, you’re sure to enjoy our Cranberry Tea. Yet this tea has much more to offer than flavor. Crafted from organic dried cranberry pieces and powder, this tea provides a natural source of vitamins and minerals, most especially vitamin C. Indulge in a refreshing cup of Cranberry Tea, and fortify your body with essential nutrients.

Buy Cranberry Tea

Buddha Teas offers Cranberry Tea that is organic and naturally caffeine-free. This herbal tea is perfect for a variety of situations. This herbal tea can be savored hot, or it can be iced as a refreshment for a hot summer day.  Enjoy Buddha Teas' freshly made herbal brews crafted from organic and wildcrafted ingredients, and packaged in chemical-free bleach-free tea bags.

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