Yerba Maté Tea


An energizing herbal tea that originated in South America. Yerba Maté’s invigorating quality makes it a perfect choice for those seeking a stimulating alternative to coffee.  Cultivated in the subtropical regions of South America, yerba maté is grown and harvested to make the popular beverage called maté.

In the Know

Yerba mate originated in South America. The Guarani Indians in the highlands of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina introduced yerba mate to the Spanish in the 16th century. The yerba mate tree is a member of the holly family and possesses a fresh and refreshing taste that can only be found in a cup of tea brewed from the leaves of this special tree. Today, yerba mate is more readily available thanks to online merchants like Buddha Teas, making it possible for you to enjoy this well-kept secret from Brazil.  Cultivated in the subtropical regions of South America, yerba maté is grown and harvested to make the popular beverage called maté.  This drink is made from steeping the yerba maté leaves in water that is hot, but not boiling.  It is a significant part of South American culture and is so popular in Uruguay that curbside refill stations allow for a continuous supply of maté.  In its native countries, maté is served in a gourd with a metal straw and is commonly shared among friends.

A Substitute for Coffee?

Yerba maté is a gentle, energizing tea. In fact, it has been said to even rival coffee, lasting longer and not presenting the drinker with the feelings of a “crash”. Some people who might have a mild caffeine intolerance have found that they can enjoy yerba maté with fewer unpleasant effects, making this tea an excellent alternative to coffee.

Even More To Offer

One of the many reasons teas are recommended over coffee or sugary beverages is that they have an abundance of nutrients to offer, and yerba maté is no exception. This impressive herbal tea is full of vitamins, minerals and more. Drinking yerba maté tea provides you with a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and an especially good amount of niacin. It is a particularly good source of potassium and magnesium, and offers other trace minerals, including calcium, manganese, iron and zinc. Apart from caffeine, yerba maté contains many constituents, including amino acids, essential fatty acids and carotene. Enjoy the full richness of yerba maté, and all the good things this herbal tea has to offer.

Buy Yerba Mate

Buddha Teas provides fresh yerba mate teas, conveniently packaged for you in unbleached tea bags. We strongly believe in offering pure teas, which is why all of our herbal blends are organic and fresh. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable tea merchant to depend on, look no further. Purchase yerba mate tea and experience the invigorating qualities this wonderful South American tradition has to offer.

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