Sweet Strawberry Ginger Tea

Our Sweet Strawberry Ginger tea is crafted with real dried strawberry pieces, organic Darjeeling tea, ground ginger, and other nutrient-rich organic ingredients, expertly combined to create the perfect smooth, tangy, energizing cup of tea.


In the Know

Don’t be deceived by the name of this smooth black tea blend; there’s nothing sweet about it, except for the color, and, well, the fact that its benefits are quite … sweeeeet! With a consciously chosen mix of herbs to accompany our organic black tea, you’ll be pleased to know that you can energize and fortify while arming your body against a myriad of issues.

Health Benefits of our Sweet Strawberry Ginger Tea

Though many teas provide the antioxidant qualities tea is best known for, our Sweet Strawberry Ginger tea blend is boosted by several additions that could (and do!) stand on their own.

Supporting herbs:

  • Organic Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces, flavonoid-rich, known to lower cholesterol; loaded with vitamin C
  • Organic Darjellingderived from the plant, camellia sinensis, like all black teas, this variety boasts curative and preventative components, most notably antioxidants
  • Organic Ginger, supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract; warms the system; a known anti-inflammatory; and good for the respiratory system
  • Organic Rose Hips, loaded with vitamin C; reputed to assist with numerous stomach disorders; known to support kidney function
  • Hibiscus Flower, part of the “mallow family,” is also called rose mallow, indicating its frequent red hue. Known to aid digestion, some studies have concluded that hibiscus tea also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Organic Elderberry, supports upper respiratory health; strengthens the immune system; great source of antioxidants

What does Sweet Strawberry Ginger Tea Taste Like?

We believe that this versatile tea can become your go-to drink year-round. A warming winter cup of tea to take you out of the doldrums of shivery-cold weather, or a super refreshing pick-me-up made iced during hot hot hot summer months.

Give your teabag a good steep in boiling (205° to 210° F) water, say 4-8 minutes. To make it cold, let it cool down without ice, so as not to dilute the goodness. Before taking a sip of Sweet Strawberry Ginger tea, though, absorb the gorgeous color, like a stimulating pinkish/red sky at sunset. Without adding sweetener, you’ll notice just enough tart to balance out the hint of spice from the ginger. The addition of the stimulating smoothness of our black tea balances the blend perfectly. We like to add a capful of pure maple syrup, but you choose how (or if) you like to sweeten this remarkable blend of any time yum.

Savor Sweet Strawberry Ginger

Whether you consider yourself a fruit lover or an avid tea drinker, Sweet Strawberry Ginger is a blend that belongs in your tea collection.

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