Reishi Mushroom Tea


Traditionally known as the mushroom of kings, the reishi mushroom makes a distinct, and benefits-rich tea.

In the Know

The reishi mushroom, also known as the Lingzhi mushroom, has been given lofty titles throughout history, including the “mushroom of immortality,” and "divine plant of longevity." This highly respected fungus makes its home in East Asia, and has been an important part of Chinese culture for more than 2,000 years. In fact, reishi is the oldest mushroom to be used among herbalists the world over.

What Exactly is Reishi Mushroom

This highly beneficial fungus likes dead things … really! Reishi grows on trees that are either dead or dying, and, ironically, prefers a particular type of hemlock. (Socrates is said to have committed suicide by ingesting a drink made with hemlock.) It boasts a shiny, red hue that gets darker as it ages. These mushrooms are loyalists, committing to growing on the same tree for years.

If you’re into etymology, the two-thousand-year-old Chinese history of the name of the lingzhi fungus provides enthusiasts with some intrigue. In the Chinese language, lingzhi is a compound. Ling means ‘spirit, spiritual; soul; miraculous; sacred; divine,’ and zhi translates to ‘plant of longevity; fungus; mushroom.’ * Put together, the name truly does make sense, and tell you all you really need to know about this well-reputed mushroom.

The Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

A compound isolated from the Lingzhi mushroom has been shown to contain a similar chemical make-up to that of steroid hormones. The medical field has tested this component, and some results indicate that reishi mushroom has the potential to stimulate one’s immune system.

What Does Reishi Mushroom Taste Like?

Although the raw reishi mushroom, as well as other reishi mushroom teas have been said to have a bitter, unpleasant taste, the flavor of Buddha Teas Reishi Mushroom Tea provides a smooth, earthy, and decidedly drinkable brew.

Where to Buy Reishi Mushroom Tea?

Reishi Mushroom Tea can be a difficult herbal supplement to find at local health food stores. Luckily, Buddha Teas takes pride in offering an organic Reishi Mushroom Tea that is packaged in unbleached tea bags. You will be at peace knowing you are getting pure herbal teas free from unwanted chemical additives. Drink Reishi Mushroom Tea regularly to receive the full advantages this herbal brew has to offer.

*source: Wikipedia

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